Featured Client: Build.

@Sales & Marketing Client Since August 2014
Fashion? Music? Architecture? Business? Art and design? Whatever the field or interest is, SaaS Build is sure to have a template or two to suit the most discerning taste. With Build, businesses can express themselves visually and present a polished, professional image. Build’s templates have been designed to work across all devices, from smartphones to smart TV’s. Visitors to and Build-developed site can enjoy the content whether they’re surfing from their desktop or surfing on the couch. Build also lets business owners add and edit content from anywhere, whether they are at home or on the go.
@Sales & Marketing serves as North American Country manager for Build and is working to place the SaaS into OEM programs with trade associations, major banks, small business portals and leading digital resellers seeking a one-off sale for their audience.

We forged our partnership with Build in 2014, when Build approached us to handle sales, business development and distribution in the United States. Build seeks to reach an international audience, including both the US and Europe, and including eastern territories such as China. Build needed a knowledgeable, engaging and experienced provider to make inroads into the United States and secure the right relationships for distribution.

Build is a premium website builder service, targeted principally towards SMEs, which offers a simpler way to create a website. Build's primary value proposition is ease of use. Users are able to sign up and have a working, functional website within minutes, and its ease of use means that they can easily add content, custom functionality and even e-commerce with minimal effort.

Our website was built entirely using Build's website builder. If you like what you see, and you're in the market for a website, consider visiting their website and signing up for a free trial account.


So, why use Build?

Beautiful Templates.

Fashion? Music? Architecture? Business? Art and design? Whatever your field or interest is, Build is sure to have a template or two to suit your taste. With Build, you can express yourself visually and present a polished, professional image.

A Simpler, Better Editor.

Build is designed to be as simple to use as possible. There’s no need to fiddle around with a complicated back-end which you’ll need to learn from scratch… Build’s super-simple Word-style toolbar allows you to edit your content exactly as you see it. It’s so easy, anyone can do it.

Excellent 24 / 7 Support.

The Build team has you covered. 24 /7 / 365 support is available if you need any help setting up your web site. They use an award-winning, industry-standard support system which is used by major brands the world over, which means they can promise a quick response to any queries or issues which you may have.